How It Works

Fast Ice Manual

Placing Adapter On Ice Screw

  • Slide the screw Adapter over the top of the screw, engaging the lip. Check to see that it is aligned with the hole in the ice screw.
  • Tighten set screw on Adapter with hex wrench (provided).
  • Caution – if you back the set screw out after tightening, you must apply thread lock again to the set screw or it could come out.

Put On Holster

  • Place the Holster loop over your head with the shoulder pad on your right shoulder. The Plate on the Holster should sit below your ribcage on your left side.
  • Bring the waist belt around the back of your torso to the front and clip it. Tighten the waist and shoulder strap snugly.
  • Clip the lower strap on the Holster to your climbing harness with the buckle and strap provided.
  • From this position you can access the Tool with either hand.

Fit & Adjust Holster

  • There are 4 adjustment points on the holster. 2 on the shoulder strap and 2 on the waist strap.
  • The holster should be positioned on your left side with the plate just at the corner or below your ribcage.  Clip the lower strap to your climbing harness with provided buckle and tighten. 
  • The holster should be adjusted to fit snugly against your body when worn over your outer layer. If it pulls up upon drawing the tool, tighten the straps and place a few drops of Lube in the Tool Swivel.

Connecting The Screw To The Tool

  • First, always connect the buckle on the tool to the tether buckle on the holster to prevent a runaway tool.
  • Grip your ice screw with attached adapter with your hand. Move the adapter and screw towards the chuck and align it with the marks on chuck.
  • When they are aligned, move your thumb onto the lip of the chuck and pull them together.
  • Always test the screw to make sure you have a secure attachment before you let go of the screw. 

Drawing The Tool From The Holster

  • To draw the tool, grab the top of the tool handle and pull up at an angle in the direction of the handle to slightly unlock.
  • Move the handle to its vertical position aligning the two marks on the Holster Plate and the Swivel of the tool, then pull up and out of the holster.
  • When holstering or removing the Tool, use the markings on the Swivel and Holster Plate to guide you. After holstering the Tool, check to see that it is locked in place before proceeding.

Placing The Tool In The Holster

  • The Tool goes in upside down with the handle pointing up vertically.
  • Slot the swivel on the Tool into the holster plate aligning the marks on the two metal pieces. The tool will drop down slightly.
  • Once the Tool is slotted into the plate, move the handle of the tool a bit toward the center of you torso. Test that the Tool is secure before proceeding.