Do I have to buy new ice screws before using the Fast Ice tools?

No, you use your screws with our Adaptors. Currently, our Adaptors fit Black Diamond Express and Turbo Screws, and Petzl Laser and Laser Speed.

How long does it take to place a screw with the Fast Ice Tool?

From drawing a screw off your harness, to finishing its placement anywhere within reach, with practice it will take you around 14 SECONDS.

The Fast Ice System is a new system, how hard is it to use?

Like any new system, we recommend practicing placing an ice screw in the tool, drawing the tool, and holstering the tool in a safe location until you are comfortable with its use. Only then should you practice placing ice screws on easy ice first. Like any new system, there is a learning curve.

Should I start on easy ice first?

Yes. We recommend starting on easy ice first and then advancing to harder ice as you get more comfortable with Fast Ice.

Do I have to strictly use the Fast Ice tools when leading ice?

If it is easier to put a screw in manually, do it. Do not feel it is necessary to use Fast Ice 100% of the time when climbing. Always make sure that you use the appropriate equipment under the appropriate circumstances.

I'm new to ice climbing, should I buy this tool?

The Fast Ice Tool can benefit novice and expert ice climbers alike. However you MUST first learn how to place an ice screw by hand before you use this tool. Ice climbing has dangers inherent to the sport and this tool does not negate those dangers.

How does weather affect the Tool?

We have tested the Tool in varying winter conditions for three years with no problems. If you are going to spend the night outside, put the Tool and Batteries in your sleeping bag.

How long does the battery last?

The number of screw placements per charge depends on many factors. Hardness of ice, sharpness of screws, length of screws, outside temperature. People have gotten between 20-40 placements. Bring a spare battery with you because of these variabilities.  Conditioning the batteries, i.e. using them and recharging them up to ten times, will increase battery performance.  Please read Tool Manual for more information.

What is the lube for?

To keep water from freezing the spring loaded ball bearings on the chuck. Apply a few drops of lube every few days of use, or as needed.  Also, applying a few drops of Lube on the Swivel indent lines on the Tool will make it easier to draw the Tool. Occasionally lightly lube the dimples of the ice screw adaptors.

Are Fast Ice tools patented? Are they manufactured in the United States?

Our products, Chuck, Swivel, Holster, Holster Plate, Adaptors, are manufactured in the USA (not the power tool, batteries, charger, plastic box). All by-products from the metal machine and milling process’ are recycled.

Fast Ice system and method covered by one or more US Patents:  US 9,217,288 B1; US 9,303,456 B1; US 9,555,287 B2.

Are Fast Ice tools ROHS, REACH and CONFLICT MINERALS compliant?

Yes. All of our metal parts are made in the USA and are ROHS, REACH and CONFLICT MINERALS compliant.